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I am a guitar player and multi-instrumentalist but since the ’70s, I have been fascinated by orchestral music’s sounds and unlimited colours. I also discovered early the power of the synths and samplers. So I am today so happy to have the possibility to compose using real instruments and incredible sounds generated by electronic instruments. And I have a huge collection of sounds that I assembled since 1980.

I have worked on successful projects in the scoring field thanks to the collaboration with Incredibly talented Artists like Pino Daniele and Enzo Avitabile. And I have composed myself a few scores, signature tracks and logos. And I still love to do it.

As Music Producer and Mixing Engineer, I can help many Artists fulfil their sonic landscape. As Composer, I can present my musical landscape and dedicate my energy to helping directors create emotional cues to engage the spectators.

Thank you for visiting my pages on film scoring, underscores and musical mosaics.

You are welcome!