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I am a World-Class, Platinum Mixing and Mastering Engineer, an expert Recordist and a creative and organized Producer. I have my High-Quality Mixing Room with a Hybrid Pro Tools HD and Analog Summing, plus selected analog and digital outboard. And I have a very special recording space available for my clients to capture a Motown style sound. I also have strong collaborations with many World-Class recording studios all around Europe including London, Paris, Berlin, Cologne, Bruxelles and Rome and I frequently record and mix there, if the budget allows it. 

My professional career started in 1975 as Guitar Player, touring and doing recording sessions in Naples. In 1975 I also put together my first home studio around a Teac multi-track tape, a Revox A77 (still in use today) and a small Teac Model2 class A mixer plus two Sennheiser MD421. 

Apart from my career as Touring and Session Musician and part of the Neapolitan music scene, one of the most prolific in Italy, I’ve been part of several bands including Pino Daniele band, Eugenio Bennato band, Nino Buonocore band and Zooming On The Zoo band. With that band signed in 1985 a major contract with the Casablanca label, part of the Polygram group and released several records also producing it. 

In 1982 I started to apply my experience as recordist into commercial recording studios and in 1994 I did my first project as a Mix Engineer and this was the start of a very successful Engineering career that took half ot my artistic and creative life. I am also a very expert programmer and arranger and my multi-faceted competence led me to a collaboration with one of the best recording studios in the world, one that stormed the music industry in The Capri Digital Studio, the most advanced recording studio in the world at the time, asked me to join the staff and by 1992 I was Chief Engineer and House Recordist, Mixed and Producer. In the ten years I worked there I worked with many Artist and Bands including Aerosmith, Roxette, Inxs, Power Station, Secret Garden, Tomoyasu Hotei, Fito Paez, Wet wet wet, Pascal Obispo, Lorena McKennit and many others. 

In 1999 I left the studio to go Free Lance and worked with Peter Maffay (GER), Karim Kacel (FRA), Petru Guelfucci (COR), Zucchero (ITA), Enzo Avitabile (ITA) and many others. 

Please feel free to contact me to have more information about my work or go to my website to be informed of my latest works. 



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AddressVIa Cristoforo Colombo, 1
81030 Castel Volturno CE Italia
Mobile(+39) 081 5092807

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