€ 900,00 (usually €1200,00)

World Class Single Mixdown

This is the top notch service we offer: 1 “Single” song mixdown, with all the options included! Perfect for your next Hit Single. Unlimited revisions, that is we work on your song until you are completely happy with the mixdown. Then you get the mastering, included!
When you are happy we deliver the Main Mix, the TV mix, the Instrumental and the 320 Mp3 HiRes file ready for radio and media. Ask for TOP_SINGLE_01

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€ 250,00 (usually € 360,00)

Indie Mix (one song)

For the emerging Artist or the small label we offer a convenient, unattended, mixdown service. We offer the same quality of the top mix but with only Main Mix version delivery and only up to 2 included revisions (on line)
Any editing, vocal tuning and modifications of the originally sent multitrack will be charged separately. It’s a very good value for the money.

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€ 7500,00 (usually € 9000,00)

Album Mix

This is the best choice for the serious professional and the record companies seeking for world class service. This service include 10 song mixing. One will be considered a SINGLE and will receive the most accurate work. With this service you get unlimited revisions and full vocal processing. If the number of songs is more than 10 you can add other songs from the link called “additional songs”. For an extra charge you get get the stems for the mixes (see dedicated link)

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Buy Stems delivery (Album version)

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€ 2500,00 (usually € 3600,00)

Indie Album Mix

This is a real bargain! You get a full album (10 songs) mixdown including vocal processing.
Editing is not included though. So you better do all the edits and cleanup prior to sending us the tracks. You will receive the Main Mix and the Instrumental or the TV Mix (your choice). Any other version will be charged. This is an Unattended work and all the communication will happen via email. SOURCE-LIVE session will be charged by the hour as regular studio work.

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€ 45,00/hour – Attending session or On Line

Jazz mixing

This special price is dedicated to Jazz musicians and Producers. Jazz mixing session are usually very smooth and quick and a well recorded album will require around 1 hour per song so you can get a full album of ten songs for around 500 euros. This is a high quality mixing service at the best price available. SOURCE-LIVE mix streaming service is included.

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€ 400,00 (usually € 700,00)

Album mastering (unattended)

This is another special price aimed to the independent producers of EDM, HipHop, Trap and other Indie Artists. Our mastering service is high quality, High Resolution service and we release Full Masters in DDP format, including ISRC e PQ encoding. We also release High Quality Mp3 encoded files and High Resolution 24/96 files for iTunes plus service. Please contact us for all of our mastering service options

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