Credit list – 2018
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IDGAF (Trenton M. – Atlanta GA USA) – Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer
Zinda (Roshan – India) – Mix engineer, Mastering engineer
BoomBoom/Rapture (Neethusha Cherckal – India) – Producer, Arranger, Programmer – Youtube
FerraniaColor – EP (Marco Alfano & Luca Zarrilli) – Mix engineer, Mastering engineer
Go Buddy – Single (Jook Joint – Ita) – Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer
Better days – Single (Jook Joint – Ita) – Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer
Una semplice verità –  Short film original soundtrack (Cinzia Mirabella – Italia) – Composer, Producer, Engineer, Mix engineer
Loco Ironico – Live – F.O.H. – Recording engineer, Mix engineer
La tavola del Re – Original music for the event (Fabrizio Mangoni) – Music Producer, Composer – Repubblica Napoli
Respirando Navigando (Enzo Avitabile – Italia) – Recording engineer, Mix engineer
Il coraggio di ogni giorno (Enzo Avitabile –  Sanremo 2018) – Recording engineer, programmer
Mitz – Mask Off ft.William Singe (REMIX) – Mix engineer – Youtube

Max provided an exceptional sound for my project. I was truly excited to find out his versatile talent in mixing. You can probably give him any genre of music and receive a warm, crispy and inspiring mix. In addition, I found no problem to work with Max online. I wish I could come to his studio in Naples, but honestly, there was no need for that.Titas Petrikis
Max has a very great talent, his technical knowledge allow him to best use any type of device, analog or digital. He knows how to handle every kind of music bringing a refined taste, he puts his signature in every mix and last but not list he is a very good person, very helpful and gentle, this makes him a very good professional.Giampaolo Pasquile
I have worked with Max for more than 10 years, going from electronic to world music, passing through audio postproduction and sound design and I wouldn’t find easily a sound engineer who’s easily able to be in charge of all these different kinds of jobs. “If it works, don’t fix it” has been our mantra for years and I’m really grateful for all I gotDavide Mastropaolo
I worked with Max on many occasions both in the studio and live. He is extremely knowledgeable and competent. We worked in Capri in a world class studio, we worked in florence with second rate equipment. Max will adapt and make you feel comfortable no matter what the setting and the gear. He will make it work…Antony Hequet
Working with Max was a wonderful experience. He’s very professional and flexible. I’d recommend him to anyone.Evan B.
Max is extremely hardworking and won’t stop until you are happy with the task completed. He also has extrodinary knowledge of not only mixing but mastering, vocal tuning and many more. As an artist I would highly recommend him as he understand where your coming from an what your song/songs are all about. Keep it up you did an awesome job man!Amrit / Mitz
If you are looking for a personalised mixing experience from an engineer with year’s of illustrious work to his credit , go with Max ! He will shape your Mix the way YOU want it to be . Communication was excellent and he is very flexible with turnaround’s . All this at an affordable fee . Thanks Max !Roshan R.
First time using a professional mixing and mastering engineer — helped create my vision, took my production to the next level, and blew all of my expectations out of the water (I do hip hop/r&b if that helps anyone). Highly recommend.Trenton M.
Max’s kind heart can only be matched with his production skills. You can easily make out in a couple of interactions with him that he has decades of experience under him and has a very good understanding and appreciation of/for music and artists. I am very happy with the work he’s done for me; I will work with him on other projects in the future!Nethusha Cherckal
La mezcla es buenissima!Yayo Gonzales