I like a lot Drummer in Logic Pro X 10.3.2 but I needed to have separate tracks for Bass Drum (Kick) and Snare Drum for some processing so I had to find an effective and simple way to do it. Here is my solution:


Step 1:
Create a “Drum Kit Designer” kit and choose the Multi-Output option.



Step 2:
Now go to the Dummer track and select all the regions;
Option-drag the regions to the newly created Drums designer kit track.


Step 3:
Go in the mixer pane and using the “+” button on the right down under the fader create as many tracks needed. You should have a Kick, Snare, HH/Perc and Toms tracks in the mixer. The original instrument track will contain the Cymbals (you will have to rename it after)

Create more tracks







Step 4:

Bounce in place

Now go into the “Bounce” menu and select “Bounce –> Tracks in place. In the option window that opens select “New tracks” and then “Include instrument Multi-Output”. Also select “Include volume and pan automation”





Step 5:


All is set. Now you have the audio tracks separated!
Now I ca apply processing separately for Kick, Snare etc.

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