Maxsound Records

Maxsound Record label started in 2007 to publish the music produced and performed by Max Carola, Gabriella Rinaldi and many of their friends that could not find a label for their interesting music.
This is the mission of Maxsound Records: Publish and spread the most interesting and “lateral” music produced by inspired musicians and composers. There is no musical genre that is out of the reach of the label and we are proud to offer a home to any musician that doesn’t find an outlet.



This is our roster of Artists:


  • Alia
  • Altotas
  • Capatosta
  • C.F.F.
  • Essenze
  • Ferraniacolor
  • Gabriella Rinaldi
  • Innesto
  • Luigi Stazio
  • Max Carola
  • Mariella Pandolfi
  • Monica Pinto
  • Antony Hequet
  • Massimo Cecchetti
  • Plomo
  • Giowe
  • Lega Leggera
  • Mick Capitan Ferigo
  • One Stop Left
  • Sonik Ensemble
  • Susanna Canessa
  • SoulFtaara
  • Esse Erre Movement
  • Passepartout
  • Peppesmith
  • Last Love
  • Zooming On the Zoo

You can buy our records on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon,and many other stores. You can stream our music from Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and youtube.


Amor y Vida G.Rinaldi cover
alfabeto illustrato