NA≥DOP – “Napoli da ora in poi” is the new cultural project, the brainchild of Gabriella Rinaldi, which combines music, historical places, and high-quality food.Three hinges to draw an unprecedented map of Naples through the eyes and voices of 15 Neapolitan born artists coming together to tell suggestions, sounds, sights and tastes of the “Naples from now on” in a multimedia environment, a deep research and cultural contamination of genres and styles in a very motioning and cohesive performance. A journey that starts from the music to create a bridge between past, present, and future and to pay homage to the ancient culture of a city with a fascinating charm, rich and complex traditions, home of many contradictions. A path that gives life and renews the tradition of Neapolitan music in the today’s world and that is brought to a new life thanks to a fresh, all female, sensibility; it’s a work in progress that spans across the arts, media and music disciplines and is influenced by the present time. NA≥DOP is the acronym and stands for a “protected designation of origin” (very protected indeed) made to preserve and hold it for all of us and for the future generations.

The debut of “Napoli da ora in poi” took place in the Church of Sant’Aniello in Caponapoli in June of 2015 with the release of the compilation “NA≥DOP – Di voce in Canto Vol.1”. A CD with 15 original tracks, specially created for the project and registered by the 15 participating artists.Simultaneously was presented NA≥DOP HUB, the site, which at, hosts the entire project. A real portal: landing place and a confluence of sounds, voices, noises, suggestions, images, clips, blogs, information, tour dates and more.

An integral part of the project is also “Le Cucinelle di NA≥DOP”: meetings and dinners with the artists and other guests, where the recipes, old and new or particular foods, are tested and often documented as small films, distributed on the web and on social YouTube through the dedicated Youtube channel.

The project NA≥DOP currently runs through a series of events and exhibitions that share the same place of debut: the Church of Sant’Aniello a Caponapoli with the aim to propose and launch the performances worldwide. The three cornerstones, Music, Art, and Culture sites and Food, unfold into the performances held by the artists, singers, musicians, actors, and writers who guide and meet chefs, photographers and visual artists so that each NA≥DOP event is conceived as a journey of the senses into music, flavors and images.

The artists present their musical performance with songs from their repertoire including classical choirs and ranging from different musical genres.Through their voices, they witness the charm of the places, the colors and sounds of Naples and its coast across the Vesuvio, in the magnificent setting of what once was known worldwide as Campania Felix.

Part of each concert consist of tastings and presenting old and new dishes and products linked to the Neapolitan culinary tradition, often hosted by famous Chef thus contributing to enhance and enrich NA≥DOP encounters.

Pictures and installations by contemporary artists and photographers frame the events and especially images of Roberto Russo, a NA≥DOP team member since the beginning of the project. He has taken care of all photo renditions of the places and made all the enchanting portraits of the artists.